Born in Jakarta 1973. Coming from a musical family, Didit Saad was playing guitar seriously by age 11. He's an autodidact.

 After playing with some musicians just like Arthur Kaunang, Iwa K, Imanez's Ottojam, and Oppie Andaresta, he founded and became member of Plastik and toured with them. 

 Plastik has released three albums. Their first album, "Plastik" (self titled), was released in 1995, followed by "Insting Psiko Dan Harmoni" - 1997, and "..Dengarkan Pada Saat Tenang" - 1999 (Bulletin Musik) . 

 Didit also played for Potret and Melly Goeslaw recording session and their promo tours since 1998 until 2006.

 In medio 2000 he retired from Plastik then he produced for (Plastik's vocalist) Ipang's solo album "Debut #1" (Target Pro Records) in such as a trip hop music. As a consequence of Ipang's album and his trip hop music, Ipang and Didit made acquaintance with Syaharani then tried to support her for making a project called "Magma" (EKI Prod), and released in 2002 followed by Esqi:ef (Syaharani and Queenfireworks Project) - Buat Kamu (RPM records) in 2006.

 Didit Saad was keeping on his musical journey round into a music director for ‘Realita Cinta Dan Rock N Roll’ the movie to again with Ipang in 2005, then released its original soundtrack album.

 Then he was made a contribution for a reality singer-search show in a TV program which resulting a selftitled album with eVo (Sony/BMG Indonesia) in 2007 before it takes hiatus a year after.

 Then his co-guitarist in Plastik, Aray, invited him to took part in Aray’s project, Ray D’Sky and released two albums under Demajors Independent Music Industry, "Released By Reality" (2009) and “Dreaming Dreams“ (2012) 

 Didit also worked on ESQI:EF (Syaharani And Queenfireworks Project) album "Anytime" (2010) and “Selalu Ada Cinta” (2014).

 In 2010, together with Ipang & Aray (from Plastik), they worked new materials and started to found a new band ‘Daddy and The Hot Tea” and released a debut album “Big Deal” in 2013.

 These musical journeys had made him as one of a kind musician in Indonesia. His passion to continue life in music, art, & photography. Currently he’s working with other artists, to keep his spirits high. For more updates, works, and releases visit links below.